Will You Join Us? 

We show you exactly how to market your business and advertise your services to get result. 
Many people who become Education Consultants, have started out as education practitioners, eg teachers, lecturers, etc. 
They quite naturally often start tutoring or club based businesses because it is what they know. 
Whilst they have the skills to teach and know exactly what a child needs to support their learning, they don’t always know how to scale their business, what advertising strategies work, how to make sense of the financial side of their business, etc. 
The Certified Education Consultant training covers all of that, and so much more. 
The aim is to give you full confidence in running every aspect of your business. 


For an investment of £5,999 + VAT, you receive three-year licence to operate your business using our proven system, templates and training. You have an automatic right to renew at the end of each three year period and, what’s more, if you really want to, you can cancel at any time with just 6 month’s notice.  
There is no limit to the growth potential of a Tutortoo business. 
By following the model, you can get a full return on your investment in a matter of months, not years. 
There are payment plans available for initial upfront fee if your application is accepted but most people pay it off in one go to get it out the way. 


Tutortoo Education Consultants are helped to establish a business in their local area easily and quickly. You can expect to be up and running in three to six weeks. 
Fundamental to your earning potential with Tutortoo is using our tried and tested formula for recruiting tutors, staff to run after-school and holiday clubs and, of course, customers. Building a business in this way means there is always potential to continue growing exponentially, year on year.  
For Education Consultants looking to build a sizable asset who may be considering a medium to long term re-sale value or exit strategy, investing in a Tutortoo business is an ideal way to develop a substantial business within just a few years. 


The market for private tuition across school subjects represents a staggering £6.5 billion per year, having increased more than 30% in the last decade. The market has seen exponential growth as a result of the pandemic. As an Education Consultant you can tap into vast amounts of funding from the government as well as earning money from private clients. 
Investing in an education business is generally considered a sound venture, as the sector is not generally subject to the same fluctuations in the economy as other industries. Similarly, the Tutortoo business model has been set up to be a sound investment for our Education Consultants. 
Requests for tuition sometimes tend to slow down a little over the summer break, which is why Tutortoo offers more than tuition. 
We provide you with the tools, resources and proven business models to create additional income streams which will provide a steady year-round income. 
As a Tutortoo Education Consultant you will learn how training courses, after school clubs and holiday clubs can be lucrative and scalable additions to your core tuition business. 
We want to help you to build a strong and profitable business. Our in-depth training teaches you how to grow your business to the size you want. As your business develops, we continue to work alongside you, using a clear progression plan to ensure the growth of each revenue stream is suported by the necessary infrastructure, processes and marketing. 


A Tutortoo Certified Education Consultant Licence is designed to help you achieve the perfect work-life balance. You can work flexible hours from home, to suit you and your schedule. And you can scale your business to the size you want it to be to create the income and lifestyle you desire. 
A Tutortoo Certified Education Consultant Licence will also give you a sense of really making a difference. You have the opportunity to develop an inclusive business providing affordable learning for all, giving back to society as you help unlock the potential of each student with whom your tutors work. 


As a Tutortoo Education Consultant, no two days will be the same. On any given day, you could be: 
Having a meeting with a school to discuss providning tutoring and clubs.  
Interviewing prospective tutors.  
Visiting students and families to assess their tutoring needs.  
Talking to groups of parents who home educate their children to see how you could help. Running a revision workshop with a group of students in a local school.  
Finding premises to run a holiday club. Meeting with Local Authority representatives.  
Running a stand at a local event.  
Networking with local business people.  
Working with your accountant to produce your management accounts and to assess the performance of your business. 
Completing a first aid course.  
And so much more… 
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